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For the hopeless romantics, there are a few sentimental love coupon ideas that will definitely get some sparks flying. A whole evening of just cuddling Write a romantic letter or poem Write down 10 things I love about you Write new marriage vows Write a song about you Sing a romantic song to you A romantic vacation for two Give a compliment each day for a week One knock-me-off-my-feet kiss.

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Wake up to watch the sunrise Go have professional photos taken Plant or grow something together Take a dance lesson together Take a cooking class together Got to church, temple or other religious place together Completely unplug for one day to spend time together Go on a romantic moonlit walk Create a time capsule Tell each other a secret. Of course no set of love coupons would be complete without at least one adventurous and sexy coupon to redeem. One striptease Play strip poker An erotic massage Night of role playing Fun with chocolate body paint Romantic bubble bath for two Playing sexy dress up Kiss and cuddle by the fire Go skinny dipping One wild fantasy fulfilled.

Finally, there are a few risky love coupon ideas that you might not want to be too generous with. Be careful giving these away! One wish granted One veto on anything One decision is all yours You win the argument I will be your servant for one day Get out of trouble, no questions asked Ask me anything Store coupons feature special offers of various forms, whereas restaurant and attraction coupons are usually but not always of the 2-for-1 kind. The membership program saves consumers money while helping businesses introduce themselves to new customers.

Selling Entertainment Coupon Books is also a popular way for schools and non-profit organizations to raise money. Thousands of Lower Mainland residents are members of the program and save money when they shop, eat out and explore the region. People from out of town also sometimes buy the coupon books, usually online, and in advance of their trips. Below are some tips and suggestions to help you make the most out of your Vancouver Entertainment Coupon Book. TIP 1 : New editions of the coupon books come out in the late summer and early fall.

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Buy your book at the start of the season from your favourite charity so you can support a great cause and start saving right away! TIP 3 : Non-profits do their fundraising sales of the coupon books in the early fall. Later in the year, however, books go on sale for a discount online. By spring time, when the coupons are halfway through their periods of validity, books can be as much as half price, or even more although in US dollars. That makes it a perfect time to buy a second book! Buy at least your first book early in the season to get use of the coupons for as long as possible!

TIP 5 : If you do wait for the Entertainment Book to go on sale at a reduced price, and you buy it online instead of through a school or non-profit organization, consider donating what you save to your favourite charity. TIP 6 : If you are from out of town but plan to spend time in the Vancouver region, consider buying a coupon book online in advance of your trip.

If you eat out and visit area attractions, you can save a ton of money on your vacation! TIP 8 : To make sure a specific coupon is valid on a given day and for what you want, ask before placing your order in each situation. Be gracious and come back on a different day. Eating out and going to places of interest can be expensive though.

So buy a coupon book, explore more and save money! TIP 10 : When you plan to be in a different part of town for something, look through your coupon book to see what restaurants and attractions are in the area. To purchase an Entertainment Coupon Book online, click shop. For information about advertising or fundraising opportunities, check out entertainment. Sign in. Log into your account.

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Vancouver's Best Places. This label can contain up to 4 lines of 24 characters per line. This label option can be used with any of the coupon books. The remittance address on the coupon will show through the envelope window. This remittance envelope option can be used with any of the coupon books.

Please note that the remittance envelopes add weight to both the shipment to you and to your mailing to the owners. You can use a label or rubber stamp for your return address on these envelopes.

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The self seal option can be added to these envelopes. A discount allowance is provided for usable Excel file submissions for Options 2, 3 and 4. If needed, an Excel Template can be provided for your Option choice.