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NOTE: When taking pictures using the front facing camera on smart phones, the resolution will be extremely low, and it is advised that you do not print above a 4x6 print. Pictures that are taken with the back facing camera will produce high resolution images that can be used to print any size up to a 24x Your Photos Saved Projects Shop. Enter the Walgreens App. Select the images that you want to print. Click Next. For each image, adjust the quantity you would like to order. If you choose to add additional sizes, you will see a prompt on the screen to select the size you want to order.

Click on the size you want to order. Click Next to continue. Your phone will automatically display those locations that are closest to you. I keep trying to reach out to customer service for support and only kept getting was canned responses. They basically kept trying to say it was my fault or my phone's fault. But he didn't seem to have any issues with the same receipt for different items. So frustrating that they really can't help you at all through their customer service. Final straw was when they said that the issues must be because the offer expired, even though I had been contacting them for over a week and the offer had just been posted.

I would give it a zero if I could. Hello, We're disappointed to hear of this experience and that your issue was unresolved.


Our Mobile App Team would like to look into this further and ask for any additional details. Please email us at mobileapp coupons. This used to be my number one mobile app!! It used to be easy - you go shopping - snap picture of receipt with your item - boom the money was in your account.

How to Print Coupons from Your Phone

NOW when I try to submit a receipt your new feature snaps the picture automatically- and the last four receipts I get a failed error and when I go look at my account it says action needed but when I click on action needed it is blank. It never did this before but it seems within this last month they are not working anymore. I am totally frustrated and ready to give up on this it is not worth the hassle. I hope you can fix whatever you changed with the taking picture part so it will work again.

Thank you. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience.

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Our engineering teams are aware of this issue and are currently working on fixing it. We thank you for your patience here.

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Meanwhile, please turn to manual mode while uploading the receipt. I agree with others that they mislead you into buying a product and do not honor the coupon. It is almost impossible to contact them as well. One time I actually got through and received a generic response that resolved nothing. One example is Orgain has had a rebate on there for almost 2 months now with an expiration date of August 1. The reason they give for not honoring it is I either purchased it before the rebate was valid how is that possible? Again, the rebate is still on the app and it still has an expiration date of August 1.

There are much better apps out there with customer service that actually wants to resolve issues and do not sucker you into buying and not honoring the coupon. Try ibotta and Checkout You will not be disappointed with these two and actually save money.

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Update: there is a rebate for 2. I have experienced the same frustration on trying to redeem that rebate. Over and over I submit my receipt and a photo of the egg carton with the UPC, and it gets denied. Again, no one contacts me and you never receive the money.

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Hi, Sorry to hear your frustration. The situation you described seems related to a current app issue we've been addressing.

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Our Mobile App team would like to directly assist you and look into this. Please send us an email at mobileapp coupons. Requires iOS 9.

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