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Not a problem! Here are even more bonus rewards new Verizon Fios customers who sign up online can claim this month:. We all bought tickets on the same flight. Needless to say, I was really mad. When I got home, I began comparing what I was paying for other stuff against advertised prices from the same companies for the same services. One of the first things I checked with my Verizon Fios bill.

Sure enough, Verizon was advertising a bundle with faster Internet, at a lower price. I called Verizon and requested a lower rate, which they did give to me for one year. I appreciated that courtesy. But, I started to monitor Verizon Fios packages. What I found was that, like many companies, Verizon was constantly testing different offerings with different bundles and different prices.

Introducing Fios TV One - A New Set Top Box from Verizon

So, I decided that I was going to find the best Fios deals and put them on this blog. Originally, one of my closest friends was lucky to get Verizon internet installed at his place. I loved hanging out there and visiting him since his Fios TV quality and digital interface was amazing. Plus, the internet speeds were ridiculously fast compared to what I could get back at my place. It was called a risky move because the common belief was that fast wireless internet was on the way. Already using a cable-based internet provider such as Comcast, Cox, or Time Warner? Then you will really appreciate the speed and quality of Fios!

That means when several people in your neighborhood are downloading or streaming Netflix, Hulu and Youtube, your internet still loads super fast and looks amazing. Your internet speed will never slow down… even during peak evening hours! New name… same old copper cables! To be fair they have developed newer technologies to maximize the copper cables are much as they can.

But ultimately they cannot match the speed and consistency you get from fiber optic cables. Filter by genre, ratings, favorite channels and more. Verizon Wireless customers stream data-free. After you place your order, you'll enjoy immediate access to start watching Fios TV right away with the Fios TV app even before your home service has been installed.

Limited-time offer for new res. Fios is not available at your location right now, but Verizon High Speed Internet is!

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Save more when you order online. See details. Shop Fios plans. Get double the service without doubling the price. Plus your choice of: Free Samsung Chromebook 3.

Best Fios Deals - Current Offers on Verizon Fios Triple Plays

Shop Plans Now. What is a Fios Double Play? Order Online. Custom TV packages Sports fan? Premium channels Screen new movies and captivating TV shows from the comfort of your couch.

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Shop now. Want even more? Is Fios available at your address? Let's find out. To start, we'll need your zipcode. Already have Fios? This way, please. Back Is Fios available at your address? Zip code. Street address Address entry tips. Unit Address entry tips. Hmm… Could you try your address again?

Retry address. Back Nice to see you. How can we help? To transfer, upgrade, or renew your service, give us a call. Disney XD E!

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Welcome back, Verizon customer. How can we help you today? Technical support Visit the Fios support center. Introducing the Fios TV app. The only streaming app you'll ever want. Stream live sports, breaking news and more. Immediate access. Download now. Great Choice. Get Fios fast. Option 2. Go to the cart. Review your plan:. To order, call 1. Order Fios today. Shop popular plans:.