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Give them a coloring book and crayons and a cd player or mp3 for music and audio books. Geez kids are soooo spoiled. And if they complain, give them an etch-a-sketch. Look it up. Some people are saying there is not unlimited hotspot plans and they are right but unlimitedvilli says a house of 4or 5 people with regular use will use gb to gb a month. So there is a limit but I think there saying it would be hard for most people to use that much.

I am just learning about hotspot. I remember once my daughter hooked her phone to mine and I was able to have internet. Never knew it was this big. I am just a slow learner at times. But I am learning. Thanks, Pearline. Buyer Beware of FreedomPop! Hello, I have the Straighttalk mobile hotspot, since beginning of November Does anyone else here have Straighttalk? Right now I think this plan is the best, because it lasts for 2 months without expiring. Straighttalk seems to be the only one or maybe one of two companies that offer data plans for 2-months.

Most companies offer only on a 1-month per basis. However, if there is a better plan out there, I will try it. I do not know much about the pay-as-you-go plans. Does this work like a debit card, in where you purchase a set amount of data and it does not expire over a month or more until you actually run out of data? Then I just pay again for a new set. That again is a nice ideal price-performance breakpoint for me.

You crazy?! Downloading a video game can be up to 60GB lol. Boost definitely has the best plan but you need to have them as your phone carrier, not just have an actual mobile hotspot. I said the same thing to the Kim Hewett thread below about a year ago about streaming. I will also sometimes check Youtube, but only at p to save data. No need for sharp video quality if I can understand the context. Better than nothing.

We actually just moved to smartphones late last year! You might be asking, why not go to the next plan up with T-Mobile. And the Straighttalk hotspot is only for me, it would obviously run out faster if it got shared. I can also fall back to 56k dial-up, as I still have dial-up modems. The point is just to save money. I had Straight talk, but they started stealing.

I would buy my new monthlu allotment, sign it up, and poof, no data immediately after. They finally fixed it one month, bit the next month it happened again! They stole 2 months of data so no more hotspot from them! My phone service is ok with them though — even smart phone. How srupid is that! The forever data is no longer forever, even if you purchased it before the change. Along with the gateway box you receive instructions with an activation code.

You wait 48 hours and go on xfinity. The first month 30 days is free. Stay far away from Straight Talk!!!! Purchased a hot spot from them, many, many problems! The long and short of it is, they do not stand behind their products, very unethical! I am going to Walmart today for 2nd conference with them, store manager this time unit purchased at Walmart. The gottcha is Walmart only allows 15 day return. If no resolution here then things escalate. Would love to see a class action lawsuit against Straight Talk, anybody else intetested?

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I drove 30 minutes to Walmart, while on hold, to return the piece of crap. Sorry about that. I have not had to call ST customer support so far. Straighttalk is still working for me. Since I only pick the 4GB package, I do not stream videos, that would really empty out the data quick. Owned straighttalk hotspot for 24 hours.

Spent 4 hours on the phone with them trying to keep it running. Total rip off. I cancelled my account with Straight Talk today March 11th , four days after It had been replenished via auto pay. The issue was that, since then, I had no internet access whatsoever. When I called them about the problem, they insisted that my data had been entirely used up, which absolutely could not have happened due to any actions on my part. Beyond that, their service was spotty, to the point that one time it did not work for over a week.

And yes I would be willing to share my experience as a Straight Talk user via a class action suit. I assume it was a computer? If so, could it be possible your PC was automatically updating itself i. I had that happen when I was connected with Straighttalk hotspot on my new Windows 10 tablet. I think it sucked up 1 gigabyte of updates. I had a ST hotspot. The thing was terribly spotty.

I called CS and they told me that my hotspot must be broken, which was total BS. No doubt it was a software change issue. Terrible CS too. Hard to understand them and they just give you pat answers, whether they are relevant or not. Though I do have my phone through them currently, with absolutely no problems, I would never buy a hotspot through them again. Straight talk pissed me off, I pay 60 bucs a month for unlimited plan so I can watch Hulu, they shut my internet down after I was at Gb, twice….

They said I was in the wrong by using a usb cord to my t. Need to be able to supply internet to 2 laptops for work while on the road. And possible 2 phones IF they can bundle. I was lucky to get the original Karma plan, which is buy all you want and it never expires, and they have regular half price or sometimes better sales. So you can stock up and use it as you need. Fortunately, those of us that bought that plan are still supported that way.

Signal strength reception is supposedly good for 50 ft. I was looking for access to wifi when camping, and this might be the cheapest solution when in a campground without wifi. Most people will not run and go out to buy a new vehicle to get unlimited date…for what the new car costs, I can buy loads of any type of wifi data. Those that are buying a new vehicle, will of course find out about this additional benny.

Also, this may persuade some people to purchase this type of vehicle instead of another one. This still leaves the rest of us who want this for home, in our RVs or boats… but, if I were in the market for a new vehicle, this would certainly be a consideration. The GMC vehicle needs to be on, but not with the engine running. If using your Yukon with a travel trailer or camper that has an electrical connection between your car and your trailer, then the site electrical hookup will keep your car battery charged as long as it is connected.

The easy thing to do is use one set of keys to keep your acc on and another set to lock your Yukon. I have a ZTE cell phone with a 6-inch screen…. I have all unlimited data xcetera and 20 GB of mobile hotspot which is tethered…. Not too bad!

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If you have good Sprint connection in your area try pcforpeople. You have to qualify under there income requirements to get it. Yes, it does reset each month. But note that the first MB each month are free. We are trying to find an unlimited data hotspot. Talk about pricey!! Has anyone used them? Looking for any and all info or help! We are a family of 4.

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We use tons of data…. Boost has 50GB of hotspot data in addition to the unlimited data on the phone when you have them as your phone carrier. Only thing I need to hook up to wired internet for is to download games on PS4 as one game can be 60GB. In fact, Red Dead 2 is about GB lol. I checked out unlimitedville. That is a lot of money to me.

Internet should not be expensive. The satellites are all over the sky. Why does it cost so much to get it to our homes, cars, RVs, ect.? I live in my van. I make enough for gas, insurance, food, and the occasional motel weekend, but my phone carrier limits my data. I use around 65GBs a month of data. I need the high speed all month long. No throttling.

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No limits. Unlimitedville is too expensive for me. What other choices are there? Another company with a similar model maybe it was the same people , that people were really excited about, recently went out of business. There is no TV, no wifi and my 7 year old twins will make me batty if it rains. I know we will be in the ocean a lot but I just want to be able to stream media or allow them to play their silly Fire tablets. What are they thinking?

I burn through my 15 Gbs in 2 days. In the US, all companies charge ridiculous prices for data. T-Mobile was ok but they started charging too much for hotspot…i download around gb a month.. If you just want to have a hotspot for just surfing the internet, try Unrealmobile. Thanks for the info and all the input from the different providers to give more of an idea of how each service works and who seems to be reliable. Quick question which service provider is more reliable in Phoenix, AZ?

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If anyone is in same area please share your thoughts on the mobile hotspot. Our requirements are to provide internet connection for computers, security cameras, Needed a dedicated hotspot device, not just a cell phone hotspot to accomplish what we need. The device is portable, plugs into a wall outlet and has a built in battery, and also lets me attach a regular landline style telephone to it and make unlimited local and long distance calls.

As my purpose in having it is for wireless internet, I have only used the telephone feature a couple times when our Verizon cell phone service went down. I am in the same boat as you, and I have yet to find any deals like this at this time. So, please post me a link….. You can add it to a phone plan. I stay in the spring area in an apartment and I have no TV or anything just my cellphone. I really want to get one of these wireless hotspot internet things not sure what they are really called but I was just wanting to find the cheapest like month to month plan so that me and my son can watch Netflix and so I can check my emails and keep up with both of our dr stuff.

Any advice would be so appreciated. Stormy: hello! For watching TV, the most basic way, and without using internet data, just buy a dtv box digital TV. I have also seen them at Goodwill in used condition for much less be sure it has the remote control. It is all free. At least you get to watch the news. Good luck finding a cheap plan for that! It all depends on your budget.

Not good for streaming movies, but good enough for checking emails, Facebook, ebay, browsing, downloading medium sized files etc. But it would be awesome to find a plan for that much for 10 gigs. Another way is I hang out for a bit in areas where there is free public WiFi. Of course you will need to leave your apartment… unless you are able to scan for one within your apt! Good luck. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

We respect your privacy. Your personal information will not be sold or shared. Additional data added at varying prices. High data plans. And its network is vastly improved. But, it's pricey. Related Posts. James Willette. And they use T Mobile, rated 1 currently for their towers…. Alabaster Jar. Your saying I could use my phone at home for hot spot to use on my fire stick. What is that company and info, please. Kimo Sutton. Bill Moore. Tmobile bought iwireless and shut it down. Judith Pupek. Can you use a Verizon jet pack device with Freedompop? Freedompop has a lot of back doors to RIP you off.

Thanks for your list, saved a lot of our time. Thanks for the tip. Mary jo. I have had Cricket for years. Love them. Check it out. Tina Young.

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Can you unlock the new Verizon L for unlimited data? Kimberly Gorman. Jesse Miranda. Can I use this to watch Netflix n firestix on this or will this use up a lot of data. Theresa Andrade. No Contract, No Commitments. How it works? Unlimited Internet. Best Quality Pocket WiFi. Travellers Reviews. Easy to Use. Turn on the Device. Connect your devices via WiFi. Enjoy unlimited internet. Webspot Advantages.

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Easy to get. Book online in 2 minutes. Delivery or pick-up your Webspot at home, hotel or Airport. Return your Webspot with a prepaid envelope or drop it at the airport. Improve the way you travel My Webspot provides you with unlimited internet during your stay in Bahrain with day passes. About us At My Webspot our main concern is to provide you with the best service quality for the best price. Top Destinations. Pocket WiFi France. Pocket WiFi Europe.